Helping you to be cleaner, greener and save costs

The ambition behind “Zero to Landfill” is to become the world’s first capital city commercial district to eliminate the waste we send to landfill. That means ensuring that every single one of our ‘waste streams’ – from glass bottles to confidential files, left-over food to redundant electrical equipment – leads to a truly sustainable outcome.

Zero to Landfill is low-cost, easy and efficient.  What’s more, we actively measure your reduction in carbon emissions and send you regular reports so that you have up-to-date data about the value of this.  Feedback from other members is that our Zero to Landfill service helps with employee retention, is great for brand association and has obvious positive impacts on their overall CSR efforts.

Our service ensures that your waste is dealt with responsibly and economically.

  • 90% of office waste – so-called ‘mixed recycling’ – is collected free for BID members. Other waste streams are charged at highly competitive rates with cost-savings of at least 10%.
  • The service can be tailored completely to your needs, and we provide all the essentials you need.
  • If you have furniture, electronic equipment or other larger items you no longer need, you can use inmidtown’s freecycle service
  • We are developing closed-loop solutions which will see as much of our waste as possible returned to the area as sustainable bags, compost, and stationery products
  • Apart from helping you to meet your statutory obligations regarding waste management, the scheme furnishes you with all the carbon reporting data you need. Our carbon calculator gives you exact figures for the carbon you are saving through all of inmidtown’s services.
  • Further infirmation: inmidtown member information sheet – Zero to Landfill

If you have any questions or want to sign up to Zero to Landfill, please call Mitch Steprans on 020 7078 7077 or email