Increasing safety and security in Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles.

Making our district a safer and more pleasant area in which to live, work and visit is a key part of inmidtown’s activities. To that end, we work closely with both the Metropolitan Police and Camden Council to cut crime and to increase security.

  • Initiatives such as our free property marking scheme and police foyer events are all part of our commitment to reducing crime in the area.
  • We have an alerts scheme which is designed to ensure that you receive critical information as soon as you need it, whether that relates to transport issues or major incidents.
  • inmidtown funds additional police officers for the area.
  • Our encouragement of Business Continuity Planning and the launch of a Community Security Zone (CSZ) are helping local businesses to reduce their vulnerability in the event of a terrorist attack.

To discuss what services are appropriate and how to implement them, call on 020 7078 7077 or email