Promotion: helping you reach more people more often

We’re committed to helping raise the profile of the area, drive footfall to you and other local businesses, and ultimately increase your sales.  So we are doing a number of things to promote you to the local business community, tourists and visitors to Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles, and to local residents. Particularly if you have a great offer or promotion, we can help to get it out there in a number of ways.

We offer slightly different levels of marketing support for Associate Members and Full Members.

Associate members have access to
  • Social media.  Connection with inmidtown and GoToMidtown on key social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) – currently a community of over 12,000 people interested in the area – to raise the profile of your business.
  • Special offers and promotions. Inclusion on our special offers pages (we have an offers page on the GoToMidtown website and also exclusive offers for members on this website) as appropriate – one offer per associate member.  Approx. 8000 unique visitors per month.
  • GoToMidtown Interactive Directory.  Promotion of your business via this directory.
  • Monthly newsletter. Provided you have an offer (above), promotion of offers on a monthly basis via a newsletter going out to approx. 1,000 key people amongst inmidtown’s membership, who in turn share the newsletter out to a much wider audience via intranets etc.
  • Marketing support. Initial marketing visit/consultation to work out how else we might be able to collaborate/co-promote.
  • Area wide branding.  GoToMidtown (our destinational brand) works to promote all of our 570 member businesses via a Midtown-wide banner campaign.  Also, initiatives such as the bus sidings which you will see even beyond Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles.
  • Area PR campaign. We have also invested in a PR engine for the area, which benefits many of our members.
  • Other London marketing. We advertise in appropriate publications from time to time, including recently in the Covent Garden magazine.
Full members have access to
  • All of the above, plus the following …
  • inmidtown TV.  Involvement in inmidtown’s own online TV channel, including video clips to embed on your own website(s) which would cost thousands of pounds to produce.  inmidtown TV is promoted each month in the newsletter, and constantly via social media and the websites.  This is great for your profile, and will have an impact on search engine optimisation over time.  Shoots (editorial in nature) take place in Midtown every few weeks, and involvement is absolutely free.
  • Special offers and promotions. Unlimited number of offers, subject to our usual criteria.
  • Monthly newsletter.  Each month, a number of full member businesses are highlighted in our newsletter if they have a) extra special/beneficial offers or b) are involved in our other initiatives.  This includes one business highlighted as the lead item in each newsletter.
  • Marketing support/bespoke collaboration.  Where full members have a special promotion, launch, offering or event taking place, we look to work with them to help promote the activity appropriately and with impact – this includes via social media and websites.  We are always open to ideas.
  • Introductions.  We actively seek to make useful marketing introductions (one member to another) where we become aware that members could be doing business together.

We are constantly looking at ways to help people discover more of what Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles have on offer.  And we are certainly open to ideas.

If you are the person responsible for business development, marketing or sales in your organisation, and you’d like to hear from us about how we can help, please sign up to the inmidtown marketing community list here.