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The following is a list of bespoke walks which inmidtown’s walks guide, Aly Mir, is able to lead for inmidtown members.  This list was updated 5th July 2013.

1. Homes of Famous People

2. Gordon Riots

3. Holborn at War (Battle of Britain)

4. Zeppelin Attack!

5. The Blitz

6. Stoned (Part I) (Statues and monuments)

7. Stoned (Part II) (Statues and monuments)

8. Suffragette City

9. Sale of the Century (Part I) (shops that are over 100 years old)

10. Masonic Holborn

11. Covent Garden

12. Thespians (Theatres and actors)

13. Great Plague

14. Knights Templar

15. Horrible Holborn

16. What’s in a Name (Part I) (Origin of street names)

17. What’s in a Name (Part II) (Origin of street names)

18. Very Old Holborn (surviving buildings from before the time of the Fire of London)

19. Christmas Story (places connected to the origin of some Christmas traditions)

20. Bloomsbury Group

21. Museum Mile

22. Charles Dickens and Holborn

23. Charles Dickens and Bleak House

24. Fantastic Buildings (Chancery Court Hotel)

25. Haunted Holborn

26. Holborn: then and now (sites of architectural interest for the LFA2008)

27. From the Romans to Rock and Roll (2,000 years of London’s history)

28. Pioneers of Policing – Bow Street Runners (Part I)

29. On the Trail of the Monster – Bow Street Runners (Part II)

30. Who ate all the pies? (Sweeney Todd)

31. Graphic Holborn (Cartoons and maps)

32. St George

33. Murder Mystery

34. Hip to be Square (Queen Square and October Gallery)

35. Walking Out! (Lesbian and Gay history)

36. Going Underground (visiting the surface locations above tunnels under Holborn)

37. The Maughan Library

38. Oh Holborn, Up Yours! (Punk Rock)

39. More Spooky Stories

40. Red Lion Square

41. Old St Giles (the St Giles Rookery)

42. Charles Dickens and Oliver

43. Doodlebug!

44. Roundheads & Cavaliers

45. Christmas Crackers

46. Introducing inmidtown (Introduction to the area)

47. Jack the Lad (Part I) (18th century criminal and escapologist Jack Sheppard)

48. Jack the Lad (Part II) (18th century criminal and escapologist Jack Sheppard)

49. Holborn United (history of football)

50. A Taste of India (Indian history and culture)

51. Founding Father (Benjamin Franklin)

52. Diamonds are Forever (Hatton Garden)

53. St Giles and Bloomsbury: then and now (sites of architectural interest for the LFA2010)

54. Sounds of St Giles (Rock and pop music in St Giles)

55. Bloomsbury People (visiting the homes of famous people in Bloomsbury)

56. What’s in a Name (Part III) (Origin of street names)

57. What’s in a Name (Part IV) (Origin of street names)

58. Scary St Giles and Bloomsbury

59. Charles Dickens and Sketches by Boz

60. Stoned in Bloomsbury (Statues and monuments)

61. Wild in St Giles (Phoenix Garden)

62. Jacobites! (Bonnie Prince Charlie)

63. The Young Pretender (Bonnie Prince Charlie)

64. Aly’s Tartan Army (Bonnie Prince Charlie)

65. Edwardian Splendour with the Stars (Shaftesbury Theatre)

66. Pepys Show (Samuel Pepys)

67. Real Cinderella (Nell Gwynn)

68. Mistress of the King (Nell Gwynn)

69. Christmas Shopping (visiting local shops for Christmas presents ideas)

70. Let it Bee (The Beatles)

71. To and through Victoria House

72. Sale of the Century (Part II) (shops over 100 years old)

73. Nothing Quite So Grand (church of St Mary le Strand)

74. Get me to the Church on time (church of St Giles in the Fields)

75. Christmas Crawl (visiting the exterior of selected local pubs)

76. Christmas Murder Story

77. Between the Wars (British history in 1920s and 1930s)

78. Conway Hall

79. Charles Dickens and Barnaby Rudge

80. The Bat and the Cat (Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens)

81. Dr Feelbad (Dr Crippen)

82. Jubilee Line (Grand Connaught Rooms)

83. Stand and Deliver! (Highwaymen)

84. Back Pages (Sport and media sites)

85. Full Bloom (Highlights of Bloomsbury)

86. Screen One (Film locations)

87. Screen Two (Film locations)

88. Screen Three (Film locations)

89. Stroll On (Marc Bolan & T-Rex)

90. Screen Four (Film locations)

91. Bites & Bolts (Dracula & Frankenstein)

92. The Art of Walking (John Gay)

93. Screen Five (Film locations)

94. Screen Six (Film locations)

95. St Alban Church

96. Crown Court Church

97. English Heritage

98. Bloomsbury Beatles

99. Doctor’s Appointment

100. Lost For Words