There’s a buzz about inmidtown bees

Healthy honey-bee populations are vital to life but are under pressure everywhere.  inmidtown’s scheme to encourage local businesses to give homes to hives and provide small areas of forage in the area for bees is one way of helping and we have also pledged our support to Capital Bee, a campaign from the Mayor of London. Surprisingly perhaps, bees flourish in urban centres. In fact, the hives we have installed so far are doing really well. There’s a bonus for businesses, too, because the buzz created when they get involved with their own bees seems to give a real boost to office morale.

Not just for the bees

If you’re looking for the evidence, take a look at the report from Dr Susan Parham of the University of Hertfordshire’s Centre for Sustainable Communities. Here’s a taste of her findings.

  • Many of the workers (the human kind) involved in the scheme found that coming to work became more enjoyable as a result.
  • Engaging with the scheme helped people build relationships at work and most felt this sort of collective project could help build company morale.
  • Many of the respondents appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the environmental aspects of the project and, in particular, valued its contribution to sustainability.

What can you do to help?

  • inmidtown’s hives are free, so if you reckon you have room for one or two on your roof or would simply like to know more, please email or call 020 7078 7077.
  • If you don’t have the roof space, you can still help. Make your pledges online at the Capital Bee site. From cultivating bee-friendly plants (even in a window box) to buying something organic and encouraging biodiversity, it will all make a difference for our beleagured bees. So please, get busy.
  • Honey from inmidtown bees is available for sale in the GoToMidtown shop.
  • You can also buy award winning beehives from our shop.  These were developed in recognition of the fact that Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles have some fantastic roof spaces – great places for bees to live alongside people living and working in the area.
  • Have a chat with BuzzBee on Twitter or Facebook.

inmidtown’s bee-friendly pledges

  • to be London’s most sustainable district
  • to get local businesses and employees involved with urban bee-keeping
  • to encourage bee-friendly planting with schemes such as Plantlocks and on green-roofs on businesses in the area