Improving the public realm – for everyone’s benefit.

inmidtown is taking a pro-active role in the development of the district, helping to shape its future growth in partnership with Camden Council. Over time, deterioration in the public realm has left the area vulnerable to competition from other commercial destinations and London districts. Our aim now is to help shape the area’s future to re-establish its world-class status and maintain it against the West End and the City.

This is a lengthy and involved process, but at all times we are doing this with the interests of our members and all who visit, work and live in the area at heart.  We are aware that there is strong interest in the following areas:

  • The urban environment and the way public space is managed
  • Public access to and enjoyment of the streets both visual and environmental
  • The balance between pedestrians and vehicles
  • Pedestrian and cyclist access
  • Sustainable, cost-effective management
  • The district’s retail positioning and service offer