inmidtown has secured funding from Natural England to supply and install planters and swift and bat boxes to local businesses — free of charge. Take up this opportunity to embrace the magical variety of London’s natural world. You can make a real difference to your local “patch”:

  • Brighten up your business by encouraging nature to make your business its home
  • Promote biodiversity in the city
  • Engage your staff with the natural world of London

Natural England has provided funding for swift and bat boxes plus lovely traditional planters from 51% Studios’ award-winning Habi-Sabi suite.

Key facts:

  • The planters can be installed in any outdoor space
  • The swift and bat boxes are ideally installed North East or North West facing, 5m above ground level, for instance under the eaves of your building.
  • They all look great, are fun, and are hugely appreciated by the local wildlife!

The funding includes installation. inmidtown can arrange the whole thing for you as long as we are given reasonable access.  If you’d like to hear more please get in touch as soon as possible because the numbers are limited and we will allocate bat and bird boxes and planters on a first-come first-served basis.  Please contact us on

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