The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has set out a range of major new transport initiatives that will be used to spearhead the drive for new jobs and economic growth in the Capital. Transport for London’s (TfL’s) new draft Business Plan outlines how a steady and sustainable stream of funding would deliver vital new upgrades and improvements to London’s transport network ensuring that the Capital remains a world-leading city.

The plans include an unparalleled level of investment in cycling in the capital, an extra £300m to improve transport infrastructure, improvements to accessibility of tube stations and buses, improved customer services, including fare transparency and enhanced Oyster online journey statements and a £280m investment to reduce tube delays by a further 30%.

The TfL Business Plan also allocates £90m for TfL to create a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient network in support of our vision for a greener London. That money will help fund 600 more hybrid buses, provide a cleaner energy supply for the Tube and measures to deliver the vision for a low emission vehicle London.

TfL has also agreed to retrofit its estate with energy efficiency measures, funding the investment required by using the savings that these projects will provide to offset the initial costs. This will allow TfL to reduce its environmental impact at no net cost to the tax or fare-payer.

On top of the investment described above there will also be a new £20m Mayor’s Air Quality Fund that will provide match-funding for innovative schemes and projects to those boroughs who make a commitment to tackle air pollution.  

inmidtown continues to work with TfL and London Underground to ensure that Holborn station is a priority for station upgrades.  Thank you to those of you who completed our survey in December.  We were delighted with the level of response and the data collected will prove very useful as we strive to secure the improvements so vitally needed.

See also the article on Local implementation plan funding.


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