The Crossrail tunnels from Royal Oak to Farringdon are due to pass under the Holborn area in late Spring 2013. The tunneling may cause some slight ground settlement and so it is important to monitor this movement to ensure that it remains within the predicted limits.

As part of the works to prepare for the arrival of the tunnels, Crossrail will be installing specialist monitoring equipment on certain utilities, working on the water mains and fitting new sewer pipe linings to protect them from any potential ground movement.

The works will take place between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.  Expect traffic and pedestrian management, the use of excavating equipment and the use of a generator with a diesel engine.  Noise and dust levels will be monitored and kept within permitted levels and acoustic barriers will be placed around work sites, where necessary.

Subject to consent and conditions, these works will be carried out between January and March 2013.  The drawing here illustrates the type of work that will be carried out and the areas where it will take place.  Sewer linings are illustrated by red lines, hydrants by blue circles and water mains protection works by blue hashed areas.

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